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M by Fritz Lang

This week in class we watched a film called M directed by Fritz Lang. it’s a 1930s movie with a social message about a mentally ill person committing crimes of kidnapping and killing little children’s.  When he commits this crime he doesn’t realize it but the next day when he hears that news or reads it on the newspaper, and realizes what he has done. This is ironic to the beginning of the movie. The little children’s were playing outside and singing a song at the same time, and that song convey the story line of this movie. Besides the story of this movie the technicalities was also shown in varies. The sound gets louder when it the story gets dramatic, the close and distance view, everything overall, it was a good movie for that time period.

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~ by sultana101 on September 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “M by Fritz Lang”

  1. Hey Shahana,

    Great post. I agree with you it was a good film for the time period. The one thing I learned is that as a society we are so used to fast moving films that this film was at some points to slow for me. I think we should slow down film making narratives and maybe society will slow down.

  2. I agree that ” The sound gets louder when it the story gets dramatic”!! And when when the music is getting louder, it actually makes people more into the film and gets people nervous.

  3. Sound did play a vital role in the film. When the killer began to whistle every time a child’s murder was inevitable, it truly did convey a sense of nervousness and suspense. Sound does dramatize a scene or a film in general. As regards to the volume of the sound, anything can seem more dramatic to the naked eye when the sound is increased. This can be applied for the better or for the worse. In the case of Fritz Lang’s “M” I believe it was done masterfully, even for that specific time period. Maybe the quality was not as sharp, but the dramatic effect was still certainly evident.

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