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Citizen Kane

This week in class we watched a movie from 1040s called Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles. I watched this movie for the first time and over all I like the plot of the story. In the beginning of the movie I thought the main character was a cruel person because people were burning this posters and it was all over the news. I like the fact that every character had an interesting role that made the movie alive and something different to expect. I like this one scene where Kane is with his first wife sitting on the dinning table. And the scene goes from one day to another; they both were sat at the same position only the cloths were different. Also thought the sound was interesting and dramatic, it keeps making the viewers wonder what is going to happen next and the sound was suspicious especially in the beginning of the movie when Kane dies.  However I really enjoyed this movie, the characters, cloths different location and mostly the palace because it had some beautiful decoration inside and outside.

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~ by sultana101 on October 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Citizen Kane”

  1. I agree with you the first time I saw the film I also thought the main character was cruel. But as the story unfolds you have a different idea about the main character. I also found it interesting that each character had a role to play. Which I feel gave the film new life.

  2. The scene you mentioned is one of the remarkable of this film. It showed Kane’s ambition to the election by the time. Meanwhile, his relationship with Emily was going from deep to crush. I like the different clothes and the train passed by in the middle of the screen both showed how the time flies. It gave me a strong impression of Kane’s personality in a few shots.

  3. I also enjoyed the settings in the film a lot. Xanadu was really cool because it was so huge and echo-y. Susan’s room was also incredible – intricate and detailed, but it looked like a pampered child’s room, with a low ceiling and all those little toys and tchotchkes.

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