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Umberto D is a movie about real life and emotions, its directed by Vittorio De Sica and the story is mainly focused on three characters. The plot of the story is focused on a retired man struggling with financial difficulties and attempting to take his life after failing to arrange enough money for him to live. Many people in society may face issues such as Umberto trying to survive without enough money and a place to live. Only money he gets is his pension ¬¬and it’s not enough for food and rent. Even though the situations were difficult, Umberto didn’t give up, hoping everything will be fine.  Besides the struggling part, what caught viewers attention is the relationship between Umberto and his dog Flike..

Umberto didn’t have any children or any family member except for his dog Flike, Flike means everything to him and he would do anything for his pet. He could stay without eating but he will make sure that he feeds Flike. Beside his pet, the plot shows the relationship between Umberto and the maid Maria. I felt there was a strong connection between these characters and their situations were similar, of what they were going though in life. With Umberto he knew he does not have a to place to go or to support him and flike and he tries several ways to solve the problem and didn’t want to let go of his room. And with Maria she knows that she is pregnant and she has no place to go, her family wouldn’t allow her back and the landlord wouldn’t let her stay if she finds out about the pregnancy. Both of these characters where trying to figure out what path to take or what they can do to survive in life. They both supported each other but at the same time they had their own worries but it wasn’t shown to everyone.

The entire movie is very emotional every little detail was shown precisely to the viewers. I felt really sorry for Umberto when he was sick and he was trying to get some sleep but the noise kept disturbing him all night. He has worried enough about arranging money to keep his room and at the same time he couldn’t get any rest. The landlord didn’t care about anything else but herself, she just wanted the room to be empty if Umberto can’t pay the rent. Throughout the movie Umberto kept trying, he sold his watch, books and he tired to ask some friends for help but nothing worked out. He even went to the hospital thinking he can stay there for few days but he couldn’t stay here for too long and he couldn’t stay away from Flike. Another scene that was heart wrenching is when he lost Flike, and he was really scared that he lost Flike forever, he got angry at Maria for being careless about flex and she had her own things to worry about. Umberto didn’t care about anything all he knew is that he most find Flike and he went to search for him. The tension was building up everything the camera focused on those dogs that are about to be killed and worry was shown on `umberto’s face. The moment he found Flike after looking around everywhere was the most delight moment.

Over all I enjoyed the film Umberto D. this movie gave the viewer something to learn. Life can be very difficult at some point but something leads us through those difficulties. In this case Flike is the reason that Umberto decided not to commit suicide and continue with his life.

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