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Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind is one of the most interesting and dramatic movie I have watched in class. Everything about it was eye catching; especially the colors were so bright and intense and the music that kept the viewers interested thought the movie. I liked the sister’s character the most even though she was childish and arrogant but I felt that because of her character the movie become more interesting and alive. At the same time I hated her when the police caught her with another man in a motel and when she came home she didn’t care about her father’s reputation and she goes to her room and plays really loud music and starts to dance and I blame her for her father’s death. And also she pretty much ruined the relationship between her brother and his wife. But at the end she did realize what she have done wrong. Over all I really enjoyed the movie and the way the story started from the ending scene.

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~ by sultana101 on November 23, 2010.

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  1. I feels the colors of this film show the personalities of the characters. For example, the red in Marrylee dressing and car symbolize her passion of love and danger. At the end of the story, Marrrylee is first time to change in a formal lady suit. It shows that she becomes mature to run the oil company. However, Mitch and Lucy both leave. The dark color of Marrylee’s suit reflects her sadness.

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