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Early summer

The early summer by Yasujiro Ozu is a Japanese genre film. This movie showed the everyday basic life style. Although the movie was boring and slow, not so much was going except for the family conversation and I felt that the story was too simple nothing interesting was going on to keep the attention. But I liked the way the interior was designed, the house, office and the restaurants, simple and elegant. The camera angels were different and music wasn’t that catchy but over all it wasn’t a bad movie I did enjoy some parts, the kids were funny and some of the conversation between the main character and her friends other than that it was an average movie compare to the other movies we have watched in class. 

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~ by sultana101 on December 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Early summer”

  1. I kind of agree, the story was simple, but I think that’s what made the movie okay. I didn’t quite find it unbearable. It was a nice break from present day movies such as the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Inception which make you think.

  2. I can see why this film seems slow, and how the story did not keep you interested. The director succeeded because that is exactly what he wanted to do with his films if I am not mistaken he said that he did not care about plot, he wanted the characters to be the reason people loved the film. So if you liked the children and the conversations and the settings then this is a great film because it accomplished what it set out to.

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