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Film Analysis 2

The film psycho by Alfred Hitchcock showed something unusual and new to the viewers. The film started with showing a working class woman named Marion Crane, she was given money to deposit in the bank from her work, but instead she decides to keep the money to herself and run away with it.  She was very tense, thinking the police might be looking for her or she might get caught so she went to car shop to trade off her car. When she fell asleep in the car by the road and a police officer came by her car to ask if everything was ok and the frustration on her face was increasing and also when she felt that cop was chasing her.  The camera angels in this scene suggest a sense of fear and her trying to escape away from the police. She kept looking in mirror, the camera showed the close view of her and the far view of the police car.  She continues driving and the weather got really bad and she stops by Bates motel to stay over night to rest.

The second character comes in the store Norman the manager for the motel; he helps her bags and signed her in to stay over night.  Norman seems to be a nice person who offers her some food, and tired to comfort her. Norman mentions that his mother also lives with him and he mother was screaming at him for offering food to Marion but he ignores it. He brings the food and thought its better to eat in his cabin. They were having a conversation while she was eating in Norman’s cabin. There was something unusual about that room; the camera focuses on all the stuff in the room, especially all the stuffed birds, it’s a congested room with a lot of stuff and lighting was a little dim. Even though Norman’s character started off one way but from looking at his room and the relationship with his mother didn’t seem normal.

What made me so sure that something is wired about the place and something might happen to Marion when Norman looked through the wall hole hidden behind a picture frame in his cabin. That scene leads the next part of the movie.  The tragic scene of Marion being murdered was unexpected and when she gets stabbed the camera didn’t show the person with the knife. But after she dies Norman walks in, he didn’t seem shocked; he was just normally takes care of the situation and hides all evidence. Even though the viewers already know that he has something to do this murder, when the detective came to investigate Norman was very tense. And the detective wasn’t convinced with his statement and goes inside the house himself to find out and gets killed. The camera only showed button half of the murderer and from that it seems to be a woman and according the plot the viewer thought might be the mother.
The story gets more twisted, Marion’s sister and her boyfriend come to same motel to find out the truth.  When Marion’s sister goes in the house to find out the truth, the way the camera was following her and when she went in Mrs. Bates room the camera focuses on some of the object in the room and the tension was building that something is going to happen to her.  But at the end the truth came out, that Norman killed the two people and the reason behind it.

However the music in the film gave sense of suspense and apprehension. The lighting and the music in this movie also made it more understanding of a person who is mentally disturbed and don’t know what he is doing when be adapt another personality. The technicalities of this film fitted with the plot, the camera angels, dark and the light scenery, and the music created confusion and questions to the viewers.

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